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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring cannabis compound that does not get you high. Although it is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, it is just as therapeutic as THC; providing relief from chronic pain and inflammation, to depression and anxiety. Most recently, the FDA recognized the cutting-edge research on the benefits of CBD use for seizure reduction in patients with Dravet’s Syndrome. In our quest for the best CBD-based products, we have demystified the science behind this revolutionary compound and rounded up our favorite CBD goods for all of your health and wellness needs.


To feel the effects of either CBD or THC, the molecules must bind to a specific receptor located with high abundance in the brain. CBD and THC can bind to the same CB1 receptor; however, they cannot bind at the same time or at the same location. When a THC molecule binds to the CB1 receptor, this interaction activates a signaling cascade resulting in the euphoric and mind-altering effects that are most often associated with the feeling of getting high. In a series of plot twists, if a CBD molecule interacts with a CB1 receptor, it changes the shape of that receptor and thereby renders a THC-CB1 receptor binding impossible.
Thus, we experience the non-psychoactive effects of CBD that leave you feeling calm and relaxed without that feeling of being stoned. When THC and CBD are consumed together, CBD is able to decrease some of the negative effects of THC by reducing paranoia, or anxiety. Therefore, CBD is seen as the balancing act to THC and has sparked a movement to create CBD products that provide both therapeutic and medical benefits!


With the ever-growing plethora of CBD-based products available, we have rounded up our favorites below:


1. Maintenance & Repair Salve - Real Wellness by Ricky Williams

For the workout enthusiast and athlete like Ricky Williams, this on-the-go salve will be a gym bag essential! Massage a thin layer of salve onto the affected muscle or joint, and experience fast-acting relief from pain or soreness. With a powerful 350 mg of CBD and a variety of essential oils, this salve promotes fresh blood flow and leaves you smelling minty-fresh.

2. Plain Jane CBD Lotion - High Gorgeous Yummi Karma

There is nothing plain about this topical! In fact, it works wonders, especially in this summer heat. For those of you dealing with inflammation from psoriasis, sunburns or dry skin, lather this topical onto clean skin to help reduce inflammation to leave your skin feeling rehydrated and silky smooth. As an added bonus, this CBD rich lotion is fragrance-free, paraben-free, vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic!

3. Synergy Relief: CBD & THC Balm - Dixie Elixers

Dixie SYNERGY products brilliantly combine CBD with THC in a 1:1 topical that produces powerful anti-inflammatory effects for chronic pain, and neuropathic conditions. Massage a generous amount onto the affected area to allow the balm to absorb into the skin and enjoy immediate relief from localized pain. Fun fact: this balm will not produce the psychoactive effects typically associated with THC because it is a topical product!


1. 18:1 Soft Gel Capsules - Care by Design

We are always searching for a holistic alternative to pain medications or anti-inflammatory drugs and we are excited to tell you that we have hit the jackpot with Care by Design’s Gel Capsules! Whether you feel discomfort from arthritis, or constant inflammation, these CBD capsules are not only discrete, but easy-to-use and lab tested for precise CBD dosing. They are available in variety of CBD to THC ratios: perfect for a novice CBD user to an experienced cannabis consumer. Not to mention, they are made with coconut oil to increase the absorption of the CBD into those inflamed joints!


1. Vape Cartridges (18:1, 8:1, 4:1) - Care by Design

This smoke-free CBD-rich vape cartridge is exactly what you need for fast acting headache or anxiety relief. The cartridges are available in CBD to THC ratios with varying potency to accommodate the novice to the experienced CBD consumer. In true Care by Design fashion, the cannabis oil in these cartridges is lab-tested and measured for exact potency to help you micro-dose the right way! If you are interested in a more balanced CBD to THC ratio, 2:1 and 1:1 vape cartridges are available as well. Be sure to ask your cannabis consultant which potency is right for you. Remember, with a more balanced CBD to THC ratio, you may begin to feel the psychoactive effects of THC; whereas with a higher concentration of CBD to THC, you will not experience the effects of feeling “stoned.”


1. Releaf Soak - Papa & Barkley

There is nothing more calming than a hot bath to soothe the body and relax the mind after a grueling workout, or a hard day on the job. Made with imported Dead Sea salts, Releaf Soak will become an essential part of your bath-time regimen to relieve muscle soreness or alleviate day-to-day stress. Quick tip: use this soak as a body scrub prior to your bath and soak for 20 minutes for smooth skin and ultimate relaxation!


1. Plain Jain Tincture - HIGH Gorgeous

Spice up your morning latté or simply add a few drops under your tongue of this lightly sweetened CBD tincture. Use as needed and enjoy pure relaxation and anxiety relief without the psychoactive effects of THC!
All CBD products are available in-store or online for purchase. Join our VIP Membership program to find out about deals and specials on your favorite products. Enjoy!

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