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We had the pleasure of having Tommy Chong in the building yesterday for a meet & greet, photos, and autographs. Our friends from KESQ stopped by to check it out! Read the full article here!

“The first state-licensed, recreational and medical cannabis boutique is open in Coachella.
The ‘Lighthouse Dispensary’ continued it’s opening week with cannabis rights activist and celebrity guest star Tommy Chong. The shop was filled with people that wanted to enjoy the party and meet the “Cheech and Chong” star.
”We’re talking about a product here that’s going to create world peace and even in the household,” Chong said. “I welcome it, you know, cannabis is, I believe, is a medicine that has a lot of medicinal properties to it. So, I believe the more dispensaries in the Coachella Valley the more outlet for people.”
The Lighthouse Dispensary held it’s grand opening last week. It is located on 84160 Avenue 48 near the site where Coachella’s first hotel is being built. The hotel’s opening was delayed in May due to a decision to expand the project.”

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Partners can download our branding assets here.