Demystifying Common Cannabis Questions

We are ready to help anyone who feels cannabis may benefit them. Cannabis can be a very complex topic, with lots of misinformation in articles you find while searching around on the web. Our team uses proven science in the context of quality products to help answer all of your questions like:
What if I don’t want to feel high?
What is CBD? What are the oils?
Is cannabis addictive?
Is cannabis legal?
Where and how do I use cannabis?
Will it interfere with my medications?
Is it recommended by my doctor?

Health is Wealth

Many of our clients are looking for relief from common, yet frustrating conditions.
General Surgery
High Blood Pressure
Chemotherapy & Radiation Side Effects
Parkinson’s Disease
Crohn’s Disease
Ulcerative Colitis

We focus on the science behind cannabis
to understand how and why it works to provide relief.

Schedule a Session for Your Community

From neighborhood groups to retirement communities, we are happy to schedule a group session to help clarify how cannabis can be used safely and accurately. Our team is deeply focused on education, compassion, and healthy living.

Community Consultations

Our team comes to you! We meet with members of your community for a cannabis information session. We will listen and answer all questions you may have. No cannabis products will be with us.

Lighthouse Field Trip

We will provide clean and comfortable shuttle transportation to and from your facility! Enjoy an information session paired with a guided tour of Lighthouse. Attendees will get to see a variety of products and receive one-on-one counseling if preferred.

Let us hear from you

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    Partners can download our branding assets here.